An English Thing...

The most part of the moments just pass..

Like tonight..

But this night was different... It was full of magic... Like the night of your first kiss, or the night that was you knew that you approved your exam... Or the night that you discover something new about you, or something about the other person (something good).

Life is about decisions... even if you decide that you don´t want to make a decision.... it is a decision.

Everyday we are exposed to events in life; we don´t know nothing about it... we are only waiting...

You know this feeling? That feeling where everything is fine just for a moment... just for one moment, just for two hours.

OK, I had that moment.

It might seem that it is a bit superficial, in the end it is just a concert. Something that is from this world. But life is also made of these moments, perhaps, they are moments that have always awaited us.

Life is amazing, isn´t it?

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